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Who are we?

AxEnd puts technology first. The founders of the company had a vision to utilize their patented inventions to better the daily living of people. Originally wanting to realize 5G speeds and enable the IoT, they pivoted to prioritize safety both in home and out of it. By creating radar based products, they worked together with a small team of bright engineers to realize their vision of changing how people deal with safety and security.

With the AeroSense Assure and AeroSense Wavve, in home health care and safety have been brought to the next level for total peace of mind. Technology means your loved ones are never alone, whether that be when they’re sleeping or awake, alone or with someone in the other room you’ll be notified if there are any falls, intruders, interruptions to breathing or hear rate, or just changes to their everyday routine that can signal a decline in health. There are no cameras to invade privacy and no wearable to interfere in daily life.

Security outside the home has never been better with a perimeter protection system that utilizes radar detection to enhance camera monitoring, as well as anti-drone radars to know that no one, neither by ground nor air, can invade your property.

AxEnd continues to explore new applications for their technology, enhancing living to be more convenient in any avenue they can. Current projects include a sensor for IoT interactions to improve energy use by activating as soon as someone is detected, and turning off once they leave, as well as continually optimizing existing technology to be always improving.

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  • For End Users

    For End Users

    Products for safety & security, every moment, our technology, innovation, and design makes us a most sought after brand.

  • For Channel Partners

    For Channel Partners

    As a startup venture we are open to cooperation and offer excellent products & service for integrators, distributors & retailers.

  • For Manufacturers

    For Manufacturers

    We offer powerful mmwave sensing technology & solution to enhance the smarter service to the market.

  • Complete Supply Chain

    Complete Supply Chain

    With a stable and complete supply chain, we can get a sound competitiveness in cost budget & consistent quality.

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AxEnd always continues to release our latest updates on product development and company activities, so partners can keep the pace with us.
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