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Smart Elderly Care

Knowing that an elderly relative or loved one spends a large proportion of their time at home, alone, can be a real worry – even if they are relatively fit, well and active currently.

This concern is a major reason why smart elderly care system for the elderly are now available. The system contains a vital signs monitoring radar hub, door/window contact, SOS button, siren and a range of home security sensors.

This can be anything, from the first time they turn on the kettle for their morning cuppa, to the temperature of the property and how your loved one moves through their home as they go about their usual activities.

This type of system doesn’t have a camera or microphone, so your loved one maintains their privacy. Plus, once installation has taken place, the devices don’t need charging or require regular maintenance, so in most cases they simply become part of the home.

However, this new ‘part of the home’ can also help keep your loved one safe and raise an alert if anything unusual happens.

Paired with SOS call button that can be pressed by the older person if they have a fall, feel unwell or need some reassurance at any time of the day or night – the system can alert family members, designated carers or the emergency services if required.

The 1+2+7 trend, namely, 10% institutional care, 20% community care and 70% home care, is the current situation in elderly care industry. Different scenarios have different needs for elderly care solutions, whose core still revolves around the home safety of the elderly, life care, abnormal monitoring and timely treatment. Focusing on medical treatment, health, security, and life enhancement, Aerosense smart elderly care solutions employ AI+IoT (AIoT) technologies to provide comprehensive elderly care systems based on an IoT platform for health data center.

Based on the AI + IoT Platform, Aerosense implements the health monitoring and caregiving solution for the elderly without consciousness disorders in different scenarios such as care institutions and homes. Monitoring and early warning of health risks can greatly reduce the impact of sudden illnesses on the elderly’s life. The smart monitoring system is also the first choice for elderly care institutions.



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