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Perimeter Security Radar AXPR200


Radar type:FMCW

Frequency:24.05-25.15 GHz

Target data:Range, direction, velocity, target type

Target type:People, vehicles, plants, others

Simultaneous tracking:Up to 32 targets

RF transmit power:12dBm (EIRP)

Recommended mounting height:1.5~3m

Detection range:6~220m for people detection and 20~300m for vehicle detection

Distance accuracy:±1m

Radial speed:-30~30m/s

Field of view:±10°

Angle accuracy:±1°

Data refresh rate:8Hz


Security:Password protection

Network protocol:RJ45, Relay_out*2, IO_our*2


Casing:IP66. Aluminum and plastic casing

Power:Power over Ethernet (POE)
12V DC, <1A, 9W (typical)

Storage:Support for microSD

Operating temperature:-40℃~70℃

Storage temperature:-40℃~70℃


Weight:1.6 kg

Supporting software:Web-based interface

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Reliable perimeter protection of up to 220/300 m 24/7

AXPR200 Security Radar is a smart security device that adopts the most advanced low-power MIMO technology-based FMCW radar technology. It offers reliable and cost-effective perimeter protection of your estate up to 220m for persons and 300m for vehicles. With built-in data-based learning algorithm, it smartly and accurately detects, tracks and classifies people and vehicles with minimal false alert rates. It can be used alone or integrated into a third-party platform, ideal for perimeter protections such as factories, oil or chemical plants, prisons and correctional facilities, etc.


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Radar typeFMCW
Frequency24.05-25.15 GHz
Target dataRange, direction, velocity, target type
Target typePeople, vehicles, plants, others
Simultaneous trackingUp to 32 targets
RF transmit power12dBm (EIRP)
Recommended mounting height1.5~3m
Detection range6~220m for people detection and 20~300m for vehicle detection
Distance accuracy±1m
Radial speed-30~30m/s
Field of view±10°
Angle accuracy±1°
Data refresh rate8Hz


SecurityPassword protection
Network protocolRJ45, Relay_out*2, IO_our*2


CasingIP66. Aluminum and plastic casing
PowerPower over Ethernet (POE)

12V DC, <1A, 9W (typical)

StorageSupport for microSD
Operating temperature-40℃~70℃
Storage temperature-40℃~70℃
Weight1.6 kg
Supporting softwareWeb-based interface


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