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Drone RF Detector & Jammer AXPJ1000


Detection receiver frequency range:70MHz~6GHz

Real-time bandwidth:160MHz

Five interference bands:920~970MHz (45.70dBm)
 1550~1620MHz (40.50dBm)
 2400~2505MHz (45.30dBm)
 5700~5890MHz (44.70dBm)

Detection distance:0.5 ~ 1.5KM (0.3 ~ 0.9mile)

Counter distance:≤1.5KM (0.9mile)

Frequency range:380MHz ~ 6GHz

Horizontal detection angle:0° ~ 360°

Maximum power consumption:<400W

Working temperature:-25 ~ 55℃ (-13 ~ 131℉)

Storage temperature:-40 ~ 70℃ (-40 ~ 158℉ )

Weight:13KG (28.7Ib)

Size:diameter 500mm*height 500mm
 (diameter 19.7in*height 19.7in)

Position system:GPS

Communication Interface:RJ45

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Based on smart RF scan technology, AXPJ1000 can passively perceive the characteristics of drone signals and identify and locate drones. It can also learn drone signals independently without relying on databases to identify suspected drones,and then countermeasures are made. With unattended function, integrated detecting and jamming, compact and easy to use, it can stop all black flying drones in multiple sorties at the same time.



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