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Drone Detection Radar AXPD3000


Radar Type:Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW)

Frequency Band:K Band (ISM24GHz)

Transmission Power:≤10W


Scan Type:Mechanical Scanning

Scan Speed:10rpm(60°/s)

Detection Range:3KM(1.86mile) RCS=0.01 m² (0.11ft²)

Range Resolution:10m (32.8ft)

Effective Field of View(Horizontal):0°-360°

Effective Field of View (Vertical):0° ~ 90°(adjustable)

Elevation Beam:30° RCS=0.01 m² (0.11ft²)

Detectable Target Velocity:≤20m/s (65.6ft/s)

Simultaneous Tracking:50

System Power:170~264V AC(50/60Hz)

Power Consumption:≤150W

IP Rating:IP65

Operating Temperature-25 ~ 55℃ optional (-13 ~ 131℉ optional)

External Dimension of Radar Units:740*600*600 mm (29.1*23.6*23.6 in)

Weight of the Radar Unit (Approx.):≤30kg(66lb)

Communication Interface:RJ45 and RS485

GPS Positioning:Supported

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The AXPD3000 drone detection radar is a 3D radar that is costeffective with great performance, supporting 360° continuous detection of mini-UAVs up to 3 km. It has the capability to identify up to 50 targets simultaneously with distance, azimuth, height, and speed data. It is perfect for anti-UAV application for correctional facilities, airports, critical infrastructures, oil refineries, and national events etc.



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