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Aerosense Assure Home Care Assistant


Radar type:FMCW

Frequency band:60GHz (FCC certified)

Detection range:Up to 7m (23ft)

Effective field of view (horizontal):90°

Effective field of view (vertical):90°

System power:DC 5V/2A Max

Network connection:WiFi

Operating temprature:-10 ~ 50°C (14 ~ 122°F)

IP rating:IP54

Dimensions:148*105*24mm (5.8*4.1*0.9in)

Weight of the unit (approx.):156g

Installation height:1.4 ~ 2.2m (4.5 ~ 7.2ft)

Communication protocol:SDK / API

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Helping increase safety and reduce running costs for senior living communities and health systems.

A smart and contactless monitoring and early warning device. Designed to screen for high-hazardous risks of day to day living for senior citizens. Get alerts for falls, wandering, oversleeping, inactivity, and more! In the case of an incident, an alert is sent to emergency contacts through phone calls, text messages, or APP notifications. Generate data-based analytic health reports that help in the early diagnosis of diseases.


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