About AxEnd

AxEnd, Inc. is a startup venture that aims at the development of future radio frequency and wireless communication systems. Coupling state of the art semiconductor power devices and integrated circuits with advanced systems concepts of software defined RF filtering and linearization techniques, AxEnd, Inc. is integrating innovative approaches to develop the next generation human-computer interaction technology. As well as low cost/high performance reconfigurable RF systems for emerging wireless applications such as the Internet of Things (IoT).

AxEnd’s MicroSensing radar is a new technology that uses an innovative method of radar sensing that enables the detection and interpretation of human gestures and hand motions. This new technology will allow for revolutionary forms of interaction with numerous types of devices, including smartphones, computer mice, laser pointers, as well as other I/O applications. The radar technology used in our MicroSensing radar was developed by engineers in association with UCLA. At this time, there are no products on the market using the same type of radar technology for human and product interaction. AxEnd’s MicroSensing Radar is sure to open a new frontier in human machine interaction.